Schools: In this area, only registered schools can register; and school refers to registered Schools, Colleges, Universities, training institutes, etc. Any school that offers classes of any type of certification, academics (6th class to 14 class), professions like music classes, language classes, etc. trainings like global stream and local stream, can register here; and teach through our built-in teaching system.

  • Certifications: Schools that offer professional certifications like CA, ACCA, CPA, etc.

  • Academics: Schools that offer academic studies class 6th till Graduation.

  • Professions: Schools that teach various professions like music, languages, etc.

  • Training: Schools that provide any type of training (global stream and local stream)

Courses: In this vertical, the registered schools and individuals can enlist their pre-recorded courses. The courses that can be listed in the certifications and academic sections are the “full textbook course in the sequence given in textbook”. Like if any school is offering a full course in “Financial Management” of ACCA, then there should be a full pre-recorded course exactly in the sequence of chapters and topics given in the Financial Management book of ACCA. Any random topics like WACC, FOREX, etc. should be enrolled in the “Professions”. Professions included pre-recorded courses of any profession like music, languages, coding, designing, etc.

  • Certifications: Pre-recorded courses offered by schools and individuals in the textbook sequence of related certification.

  • Academics: Pre-recorded courses offered by schools and individuals in the textbook sequence of related academic year starting from class 6th till graduation.

  • Professions: Pre-recorded courses offered by schools and individuals of various professions like music, coding, designing, random financial topics, and languages.

Tutors (1:1): Tutors refer to individuals who offer one-on-one live classes for related certifications, academics, and professions. You can check the slots of the tutors and books as per your choice.

  • Certifications: Individuals that offer one-on-one live classes for any certifications

  • Academics: Individuals that offer one-on-one live classes for any academic class

  • Professions: Individuals that offer one-on-one live classes to teach various professions

Trainers (1:N): Trainers refer to the individuals that offer one-on-one live classes for the related training. You can check the slot of the trainers and book it as per your choice.

  • Global Streams: Individuals that offered one-to-many training for global streams like IFRS, music, coding, languages etc.

  • Local Streams: Individuals that offered one-to-many training for local streams like local jurisdictions VAT, corporate tax, income tax, excise tax, etc. laws, or any other jurisdiction-specific training.


Certifications: The Certifications section on is a curated collection of professional certifications that individuals can pursue to advance their careers and enhance their expertise in specific fields. To gain the certificate the students are required to sit in the exams. These certifications are recognized and valued by industries worldwide. Like ACCA, CA.

Academics: The Academics section of offers a comprehensive range of live classes; and pre-recorded courses from Class 6 to Graduation level by the individuals; and registered institutions. The students can select the country and state of their choice to enjoy the live classes and pre-recorded courses by the respective professionals.

Professions: In the context of, professions in education refer to learning various skills such as music, dance, coding, where students are not generally required to sit for examinations. This type of education focuses on practical skill development rather than traditional academic assessments.


  • Category: As mentioned above like Certifications, Academics, and Professions

  • Fields: Each Category can have multiple Fields like Certifications can be in finance, IT, medical etc.

  • Programs: Each Field can have multiple programs like Finance Field has ACCA, CA, CPA etc programs.

  • Subjects: Each Program can have multiple subjects like ACCA has around 13 subjects.

  • Sections: Each Subject can have multiple Sections like P4 of ACCA is being taught in multiple sections